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It’s no secret RINO Charlie Dent has been a #NeverTrumper from the very beginning. During the “October surprise” against our President – which sought to kneecap his 2016 election bid – Dent was on board the liberal bandwagon calling for Donald Trump to withdraw his name as the GOP nominee.


“The chairman of the RNC must look out for the good of the party as a whole, so he should be working to get Trump to step down,” Dent said at the time.


Not surprisingly Dent has continued his #NeverTrump ways since our President took office. As soon as Trump signaled he was serious about slowing spending growth in Washington, Dent began gathering signatures asking Speaker Paul Ryan to intervene and block a plan to cut $200 billion in unnecessary spending.


“The letter [Dent sent to Ryan] also encourages GOP leaders to work with Democrats to reach a budget agreement setting higher spending levels for fiscal 2018 – something the letter suggests could be paired with a vote to raise the debt ceiling,” POLITICO reported on June 29.


No wonder Republicans can’t get advance the President’s agenda! Like Ryan Costello, Brian Fitzpatrick and Pat Meehan, Dent is a member of the so-called “Problem Solvers Caucus,” which has pledged to vote with Democrats whenever three-quarters of its members agree on an issue.


Dent also refused to support GOP efforts to pass even a partial repeal of Obamacare – calling the legislation “haphazardly constructed and hastily considered.” Dent’s real reason for opposing the repeal is he doesn’t want Medicaid spending touched – even though there is mounting evidence that the much of the Obamacare boost went to fraud (a whopping $140 billion a year at last count).


The leader of the liberal “Tuesday Group,” Dent refused to come out in support of Trump’s travel ban seeking to limit immigration from countries with a history of exporting terrorists.  He called Trump’s plan “ridiculous” and said it should be reversed.


Not content to fight Trump on policy matters, Dent has echoed the leftist, legacy media in attacking the President over his use of Twitter to call out those who oppose his agenda.


“The president must stop the personal attacks and petty tweets,” Dent tweeted earlier this year. “We have real work to do.”


Sadly, we know the kind of “real work” Dent has in mind – blocking the President’s agenda at every turn and preserving Obama’s legacy of failure.



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